Anna Maria Zwanziger
Date of birth August 7, 1760
Date of death September 17, 1811
Case status Solved
No. of victims Killed: 4
Injuried: 4
Location of crimes Bavaria, Germany
First crime Unknown
Last crime Unknown
Method of murder Poisoning by Arsenic
Date of capture Unknown
Verdict of trial Guilty
Punishment Death
Method of execution Beheading

Anna Margaretha Zwanziger (August 7, 1760 – September 17, 1811) was a Bavarian serial killer. She used arsenic, which she referred to as "her truest friend". Zwanziger was employed as a housekeeper and would poison her employers, often judges, with arsenic and then nurse them back to health to gain their favour. Before she was beheaded, she said it was probably a good thing she was to be executed, as she did not think she would be able to stop. She killed four people, one of whom was a baby; four others survived.